Owning a Samsung Smartphone makes life easier and more convenient. Yet, accidents happen no matter how carefully you take care of your phone. When this happens, seeking help from an authorised Samsung phone repair service is always a smart move.

All types of Samsung smartphone models are prone to malfunction down the road. Wear and tear is the most common reason for technical malfunctions to happen to any Samsung handset model. While some phone issues could be simple, there are complicated problems that need professional help.

Not feeling sure whether your Samsung smartphone needs a professional Samsung phone repair service? In this age of DIY, many people resort to fixing their phones whenever it shows issues. The hundreds of DIY videos on YouTube have become the favourite go-to for Samsung phone owners.

While this is seen as a good way to cut costs, not all people are technically gifted. There are smartphone issues that need expert care and repairs from a professional Samsung phone repair service. This includes:


Flawed power button

The most common issue every type of handset or smartphone encounters is a flawed power button. Wear and tear is the top reason for a power button to malfunction. However, the power button plays an important role, and experiencing problems with it needs immediate professional action and attention. It’s best to let the experts handle this issue than a DIY job.


Broken or cracked screen

Installing tempered glass on your phone is not a guarantee of lifetime protection. While it can protect the phone’s screen during accidents, the protective glass is likely to crack. The hard impact is the reason for cracked phone screens.

Cracked phone screens are common issues that need to be repaired ASAP. Other than aesthetics, probably the most important reason for having a cracked screen repaired is to prevent harming your fingers. A cracked phone screen will not only look unsightly but also compromise the viewing experience. Opt to have it professionally repaired at the nearest Samsung phone repair service in your area.


Battery not properly charging

A battery not properly charging is one of the top issues with any type of smartphone. Often, plugs or chargers are the things that people think are the culprits for improper charging. However, a phone showing insufficient power after it has been charged overnight could mean an ailing battery.

The best way to find out if the battery is the culprit for insufficient charging is by uninstalling unused apps. Unused apps put a big drain on a phone’s battery when they are allowed to run unnecessarily in the background. The battery needs replacing if the phone still shows persistent insufficient power even when you’ve removed unnecessary apps. Having the phone checked professionally is the best way to resolve this issue.


Water damage

Water damage remains an issue even with supposedly water-proof Samsung smartphones. Water saturation or water exposure can damage the internal delicate components of a Samsung smartphone. The only way you can do as soon as your phone gets saturated with water is to take out the memory card and SIM card. Taking it to the nearest Samsung service centre is the best way to have it fixed quickly.

A professional Samsung service centre offer the best way to resolve simple to complicated phone issues. Their expertise, experience, and skill are the things gained from a professional service. Contact us at PTC to know more.